Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

A couple of weeks ago I took a very interesting class on essential oils in pregnancy, which included prenatal, labor and postpartum information. The class was at Botanically Rooted in Greensboro and taught by Kim Seymour. I learned so much in the class and I'm excited to share some of that here and going forward in my business.

   While essential oils smell wonderful they have much greater effects than just freshening the air! While their effects take place immediately upon inhalation, applying them topically can add to the benefit. Inhaling essential oils helps to balance your mood, strengthen your immune system and help with sleep, just to name a few. Applying them topically can help to alleviate pain, reduce cramping, calm itchy skin and repair damaged skin. In pregnancy, essential oils can help with, nausea/morning sickness, fatigue, swelling, stretch marks, sinus congestion, sleep problems, emotional and psychological adjustments and achy/painful muscles.

   Essential oils can be very beneficial, but caution must be used. While they may seem harmless, essential oils are not benign and can have negative side effects if not used correctly, due to their ability to pass the blood brain barrier. Generally, they should be avoided during the first trimester unless you are being treated by a certified/licensed aromatherapist. Essential oils should always be used diluted to .5%-2% when being used with pregnancy. There are also several essential oils that should be avoided altogether during pregnancy. Unless you are being directed by a certified/licensed aromatherapist, ingesting essential oils is highly discouraged and can be dangerous whether pregnant or not.

    Though we must be intentional about our use of essential oils, they can be extremely beneficial. They can easily increase the benefits of any massage, as well as give you relief for certain ailments at home. For more information on essential oils, check out these resources below:

Botanically Rooted, Greensboro, NC:

Tisserand Institute:

Oak City Massage Therapy will soon be offering essential oil blends as ad-ons, for pregnancy and more!

Postpartum Massage

One of the best thing a new mom can do for her baby is take care of herself. In our culture the well being of the new mom is sometimes overlooked due to concern for the baby, and mom's are usually more guilty of this than anyone else. The truth is, though, that we cannot give our children the best care if we are not 100% ourselves.

 Taking care of our bodies is so important. A new mother has just completed a marathon of the hardest work her body may ever do! It's only logical that her body will need some TLC! Getting as much rest as possible, eating well, exercise and of course massage therapy are all great ways to recover after childbirth. A woman's body has 9 months to adjust to her pregnancy, while her body goes back to “pre-pregnancy” in just 6 weeks. That is so much change in not a lot of time. Postpartum massage can be a big help in dealing with all of these changes. Not to mention relieving tension and muscle stress from labor and delivery. Many new mom's we see at Oak City massage are also experiencing aches and pains from the new positions of nursing and holding a newborn and then sitting on the floor with baby. All of these things can be relieved with the help of different stretches, exercises and massage therapy.

 If you or someone you know has recently had a baby, it's time for a massage! Call or email to schedule an appointment! 919.322.8382

We are back!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to give a little update, the baby is doing great! She is now 5 months old, which is so hard to believe!! I am now back to work part-time. My current schedule is every Monday and Wednesday from 10am-3pm and every other Saturday from 9am-3pm. My schedule does book up quickly so, if you know ahead of time when you would like to come in, please message as soon as possible.

I am also very excited to announce, we are adding another therapist to our team! She is very talented and will be a great addition here at Oak City Massage! She will be working on Thursdays from 1pm-7pm. Check out her bio below!

Diantha Lee NCLMBT # 10984

Diantha’s journey in Massage Therapy began in 2008 when she graduated from the Cleveland School Of Massage & Advanced Bodywork Institute. In 2010 she completed the Massage Therapy program at ECPI in Raleigh. While focusing her work on breaking muscular adhesions, Deep Tissue massage tops the charts as Diantha’s most used massage modality. Other ways she helps clients with daily mobility include Trigger Point, PNF Stretching, and Reflexology.

With most of her focus around the more rehabilitative aspects of bodywork, Diantha also has a great respect for the power of a relaxing Swedish massage. Listening to what a client says, so that she can tailor make each session, is the most important aspect of any treatment in her mind.

Diantha grew up learning about the patterns pain and tension can produce in the body from her mother being diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago. Now, having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well, she has a uniquely sensitive understanding of the way muscle and fascia work together and sometimes stop working together. Using her first hand knowledge of the ways muscles can sometimes misbehave, every treatment she provides has the same end goal of helping every client to feel as pain-free as possible.

Call or email today to schedule your next appointment!! 919.322.8382

Temporary Changes at Oak City Massage

Hey Everyone! I am very pleased to announce that my husband and I are expecting our first child in August of this year! We are so excited and can barely wait for these next three months to go by! 

I am also happy to announce that while I am out (I am planning to return!!! ) I have found a wonderful therapist to come in and work at the office a couple of days a week. Her name is Amanda Beresic and you can check out her bio here! There will be more blog posts to update you on her official schedule as that time gets closer. She will be starting a couple of days a week in June. I have known Amanda for a few years now and she is one of the therapists I go to for my own massages. I am confident in her abilities and I think she will be a great fit for this office. From now until the end of July, if you have been to Oak City Massage before,  your first visit with Amanda will be like a new client visit and 20% off.

Though she is starting in June, I will continue to work as long as possible, unfortunately it is difficult to say exactly how long that will be at this point. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your understanding during this time of transition for my family and business. You are all awesome!! 

Amanda beresic nclmbt # 14256

Amanda beresic nclmbt # 14256

Amanda became a licensed massage therapist in 2011 after attending Palm Beach Academy in Lake Park Florida.  Prior to this, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Slippery Rock University in 2006.   Her passion for Massage Therapy started when a physical therapist recommended massage to help with pain she was experiencing from a neck injury.  She realized that whether for pain management or relaxation, massage has so many amazing benefits.

Amanda strongly believes in the benefits of prenatal massage.  Having two children of her own, she realizes how one of the happiest times in your life, can also be the most stressful.   Pregnancy brings on so many changes, physically and emotionally. The mother is naturally concerned about the baby, but it’s important that she care for herself as well.   (Bonus – massage can be beneficial for the mother and the baby!)

Along with prenatal massage, Amanda also does various modalities including swedish, deep tissue and sports massage.  Her goal is to make sure your problem areas/concerns are addressed to the best of her ability. She upholds the highest levels of respect and integrity to each individual client.

What to expect at your first massage

Massage can be helpful for so many things including muscle pain, headaches, anxiety, trouble sleeping, sport training, pregnancy aches/pains, as well as many more! So why do people opt for medication and expensive treatments before trying massage? I think one of the big reasons is they are unsure of what to expect when they get a massage.  I  think knowing what to expect at a massage will give some folks a peace of mind and help them to be more open to this treatment option. So, today we are going to discuss just exactly what to expect at your first massage. 

At Oak City Massage Therapy, we do our best to be as professional as possible. Our main goal is that you feel you are getting the best treatment possible and leave feeling better than when you came in. Knowing exactly what to expect when you come in will only give you a better experience at our office.

The first thing that will happen when you come into the office is you will be greeted and given a health history form. This form gives the therapist information that may pertain to your injury whether it is the cause, making it worse or not effecting it at all.  It is helpful to look at past injuries and surgeries and deduce whether they may be playing a part in your current situation.  It is also important for your therapist to know of any known allergies as well as medications you are taking as these may affect the treatment.  Next, your therapist will discuss your form with you as well as what you are specifically hoping to accomplish during your session.  This is very important as it will shape the entire session. We will use techniques that will best suit each complaint. While we do our best to listen to our clients, we will also explain why some things we do may seem pointless, but will address the probable cause of the pain rather than only the symptom.  After going through the treatment with you, we will then step out of the room for you to undress to your comfort level. To your comfort level means if you would rather leave your clothes on, that is completely fine. If you do prefer leaving your clothes on we may suggest wearing comfortable shorts and t-shirt/tank top for your treatment. You will then get onto the massage table underneath a sheet and blanket. You will be completely covered during the entire session, we will only uncover each area as it is being worked on. During the session, your therapist will check in with you to confirm the pressure with you. It is extremely important for you to let your therapist know if something is painful, you are getting a massage to reduce pain not add to it. It is also important for you to let your therapist know if you feel like you need more pressure in an area. At the conclusion of your massage, your therapist will let you know that the session has ended and you may take your time to get up and dressed and meet them out front. At this point your therapist may offer some suggestions based on what they found during the massage, whether that is some stretching that may be helpful or setting up a return visit to continue working on an especially difficult area. 

It is important to note that one massage is not going to be a cure all.  Chronic pain, which is usually a result of everyday stress on your body takes time and a change of habit to truly feel better. Though massage will give a temporary relief, if you continue in habits which cause the pain in the first place it will certainly return. In some cases massage is not the answer and your therapist will do their best to refer you out the best practitioner for your complaints. 

We hope this helps and look forward to working with you soon!! To schedule your appointment email or call 919.322.8382


Valentine's Day


Hello Everyone! I know it is hard to believe but, Valentine's Day is just 2 weeks away! Do you have trouble deciding what to get your Valentine?? Why not get them the gift of relaxation! Starting the new year with resolutions and goals, new projects at work and cold weather can be stressful! Help your sweetheart let go of the new year blues and get them a massage. Massage therapy helps to relax muscles and decrease mental stress, it's the perfect gift for this time of year. 

     We also offer couples massage classes. These private classes are a great idea for a fun Valentine date. Learn techniques (that won't hurt your hands) to use in between your regular massage to relax for free at home! The class includes instructions for the back, neck and your choice of scalp, hands or feet. This is truly a gift that will keep on giving! 

Whether you buy a gift card or schedule a couples class, it is hard to go wrong with massage therapy! Call today to purchase your gift card or class! 919.322.8382 

Massage Special- Bamboo Massage

We are finally getting a break from the cold weather, thank goodness! For the rest of January all Bamboo massages will be $10 off at Oak City Massage Therapy.  Here are a few things that make bamboo massage stand out and why it is a good option for all clients.

In bamboo massage, we use warm bamboo ratan tools. These tools are very firm and come in varying sizes. The bamboo is used similarly to hot stones, the therapist holds the bamboo and uses it to massage the muscles instead of their hands. The therapist can use the leverage from the bamboo tools to offer a much deeper pressure than with hot stones, or their hands/elbows. Bamboo massage originated in south Asia. Though it is unclear who originally started using bamboo for massage, many therapists across the world have adopted this technique.

Bamboo massage is beneficial for many reasons, we are going to discuss just a few of them.  The heat from the tools starts to relax your entire body, it will also help to loosen each muscle individually. Once the heat has loosened the body and muscles, the therapist can take full advantage of the leverage from the bamboo. The therapist can use deep pressure now that the muscles are in a more relaxed state, this allows the deep pressure to be comfortable and much more effective. With increased mental relaxation from the heat, and physically with the deep tissue massage, the client can get so much more out of their massage. Most people coming in to get a deep tissue massage are preparing for pain and discomfort, with a no pain no gain attitude. In this treatment,  you get all the benefits of a deep tissue massage without the pain.  

Bamboo massage sounds nice, but why is it the best option for you? It is a deep tissue massage with the added relaxation similar to a Swedish massage. If you are looking for a deep massage that won’t cause more pain then you were already in, this is the treatment for you. Similarly, if you are more interested in the relaxation you get from massage, bamboo massage gives an extra element that only increases the benefits.  

Call today to schedule your Bamboo massage! 919.322.8382 !!

Christmas Gift Cards

Hey everyone! Having trouble deciding on what to gifts to get for family and friends? Why not give the gift of pain relief, stress relief, increased mobility, relaxation, faster recovery, injury rehab, and the list goes on! We offer deep tissue massage, medical massage, sports massage, relaxation massage, pregnancy massage, kinesio taping, massage cupping and bamboo massage! 

Christmas gift cards will be on sale starting tomorrow December 1.  All one hour gift cards will be $64. Gift cards for a one hour pregnancy massage will be $55 and gift cards for one hour bamboo massage will be $85. 

Gift cards can be picked up in person (please call to schedule your pick-up) Sent by email, or sent in the physical mail. 

Please email or call with any questions! 919.322.8382 

Merry Christmas!! 

** there is no limit on how many gift cards you can buy, however you may not purchase gift cards for yourself**

Christmas Tree.png

We Are Moving!

As the leaves are changing outside it only seems right as I announce a change happening at Oak City Massage. Starting October 24th, 2017 our office is moving to a new location! I know change can be hard, but we are working to make this as smooth as possible. The new office is conveniently located just 2 miles from our current location down Cary Pkwy at:

487 James Jackson Ave.

Cary, NC 27513

As a thank you for your understanding and help in this transition, please enjoy $10 off any single service and an extra 5% off any packages from now October 24th until November 30th. ( cannot be combined with the new client special).

I will be reaching out to anyone that has an upcoming appointment to remind you of the change. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for all your support, I am looking forward to continue working with you!


Shoulder Pain


With the dog days of summer upon us, everyone’s training is in full swing. The latter part of summer is definitely the active season for most folks which means the risk of injury is increased. Many summer activities including swimming, tennis, baseball, golf, crossfit, spartan/warrior type races, and many more can be very tough on the shoulders. Most of the time clients with shoulder injuries had great intentions for getting into shape and ready for their sport or activity, but then life happened and it seemed to just sneak up on them. When you do not properly ease into training, your body is at a very high risk for injury. The shoulder has such a variety of range of motion which makes it very vulnerable to injury. When we start an activity at the level we stopped at last year, we  are asking for trouble. Jobs that require we sit at a desk all day only make the risk higher. Our shoulders are stuck in a forward position most of the day and the muscles get used to this, so when we try to get them into new positions with our sport/exercise they will not be moving efficiently.

Shoulder pain and tension can be bad enough, but the truth is a lot of other injuries can come from the shoulders and neck area as well. Having tight chest muscles from sitting at a desk and then exercises that strengthen the chest cause a serious forward posture. This can lead to numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, upper back pain, neck pain, as well as low back pain. It is important to take time throughout the day to stretch and just be in a different position. Making sure you strengthen your upper back is crucial for anyone that is working at a desk, driving all day or any other job that is keeping your arms/neck/head forward.

When you come in for a massage, we will focus specifically on getting your body back in balance. We ask questions about your daily life and any random events that have taken place that could have had some effect on you. Our goal is to find and treat the CAUSE of your pain, not only the symptoms, so you can avoid the same injury in the future and move more efficiently in general.

If you are preparing for a competition, or are experiencing acute or chronic pain, call today and schedule your appointment!  919.322.8382

Pregnancy Massage

After recently completing Claire Marie Miller's Nurturing the Mother Certification class, I am excited to now offer a more comprehensive massage for expecting and new mothers. 

Pregnancy is so exciting and wonderful, but it can also be hard on the body and in some ways a little scary, especially if you have never experienced it before. Massage therapy can be such a huge help during and after pregnancy.

While you are pregnant, your body is going through so many changes. Your total body water increases, organs are moving to make room for your growing uterus. Your body is releasing hormones that effect your ligaments and tendons holding your uterus as well as all over your body, which is causing them to relax and stretch. Your hips and low back are getting used to carrying the extra weight, shoulders can be pulled forward due to enlarged breast size. These and so many more changes are occurring in your body and it can be difficult to adjust. Prenatal massage focuses specifically on things going on in a pregnant women's body and helps to alleviate added tension and stress on the body. 

Along with all of the physical changes, pregnancy can be taxing mentally as well as emotionally. There will be a lot of new changes once the baby is born and it's hard to imagine what that will be like. Getting massage while you are pregnant will help you to relax and most importantly get out of your own head, at least for a little while. Once your mind and body have a chance to really let go, you will be amazed at how great you feel, and you can really enjoy your pregnancy! 

Postpartum massage is just as important as prenatal massage, if not more. Your body will now be going back to it's pre-birth state and that is so key. With the stresses of a new born including lack of sleep, it is important to set aside time for yourself to recover. Some women are so busy with the new baby and possibly older children that it can be easy to ignore the fact that you've just given birth and have gone through some major bodily changes. Getting yourself back to your pre-birth body takes time and patience and massage can really help here. With a massage focused on all the needs of the new mother, we are bringing the body and mind back together.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful life experience and I would love to be a part of this journey with you. Click Here to find out more about pregnancy massage at Oak City Massage. If you have any questions about pregnancy massage, would like to schedule an appointment or purchase a gift card please send a message or call today! 919.322.8382 

Couple's Therapy

Just a reminder! This weekend, (2/18/17) will be the last weekend to sign up for your Couple's Massage class.  We have heard many clients talk about how they wish their partner knew a little more about massage. Either the pressure is too deep or too light, or they are rushing everything and done within 5 minutes because their hands hurt. This class will focus on these specific issues and how to correct them. So come ready with questions, and thoughts about what you want to learn, or what you enjoy about massage. 

The class includes 30+ minutes of massage for each person (with focus on the back and your choice of scalp, feet, or hands) , with specific instructions depending on each persons preferences. We will also go over specific do's and don'ts that we hear clients talk about when discussing their experience with massage from their partner. Also receive a free gift of massage oil and essential oils with your class! The total cost of the class is $120 per couple and you can plan to spend about 90 minutes total at the office.  Call today to schedule your appointment! 919.322.8382 !  

Couples Therapy

It's hard to believe it's already time to start thinking about Valentine's day!! 

This year we are going to offer couples therapy for Saturday the 11th and 18th of February. This is a class where couples can come and learn some basic techniques to massage each other. It will be a very relaxed class (pun intended) where your questions are welcome and you set the pace. 

I will be working with my friend and colleague Amanda Beresic LMBT # 14256. Amanda has been licensed since 2011 and is trained in a variety of modalities.  

We have both heard from many clients and friends that they wish they or their partner knew more about massage and we would love to help! We understand that massage can be pricey and more importantly it can take up time, especially when you have to drive to an office. We both believe very strongly in the benefits of massage and are excited to share some tips for a diy massage!

Click here to find out more or call 919.322.8382 to schedule your couples therapy, space is limited!!  

We will require credit card info to reserve your spot, all charges will be made on the day of the class. 

Massage Cupping in the Olympics

What is massage cupping and how is it used in our office?

   There have been many questions about the circular marks left on some of the athletes in the Olympics this year. The marks are from a modality called massage cupping. It has been around for thousands of years, however has only recently become a popular modality among therapists. It is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where a suction cup is used to pull on the tissue, as opposed to pressing into the tissue with traditional massage.

     There are many different techniques to use with the cups depending on the desired outcome. Some therapist leave the cups in one spot ( this is more common with and acupuncturist) some therapists move the cups around the specific muscles they are working on. While some may use the cups similarly to hot stone massage where they are using the cups for a majority of the massage in more of an effort towards relaxation. At Oak City Massage Therapy, we use a combination of leaving the cups in one place and moving them over a specific muscle. We have found that while the inward pressure of massage is very beneficial, using the cups to provide an outward pressure can drastically increase the effects of massage. This can be much more tolerable on a tender muscle and it brings circulation to an area much quicker. The cups come in handy (pun intended) when we get to a muscle that will not let go. The outward pressure and increased blood flow relaxes the muscle right away. With the ability to leave a cup in one spot we can work on another area at the same time. The cups have made the difference in many of my clients recovery times. Although they can leave strange marks, they are only temporary and in most cases are worth the relief!

      Although massage cupping is not for everyone, it can make a therapy session much more effective, possibly shortening the time it takes to heal from an injury, loosening muscles in less sessions than normal, and releasing chronic pain that became a part of life. Massage cupping is not just for Olympians, if you are an athlete, go through repetitive movements at work, or are stuck at a desk all day, massage cupping may be for you! Give us a call today to schedule your appointment, 919.322.8382!


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Re-calibrating Your Schedule For Autumn

As the summer is coming to an end in these next few weeks, it is time to start thinking about your new schedule and how to manage new responsibilities for yourself and possibly for your spouse and children as well. While this can be a fun and excited time, it can also add a lot of stress.  

Think about what you can realistically handle and make sure you don't over commit yourself and your family this school year. Taking on too much keeps us busy and can take away from the important things in our lives. Being busy also adds extra stress which can effect our bodies in negative ways. Many people hold their stress in their muscles. Most often I see a correlation of stress and tension in the neck and shoulders. Stress can also negatively effect our mood, sleeping patterns, and consequently our energy levels. This leads to a never ending cycle, of not enough energy to get things done efficiently, and more stress because of it.

Taking steps before the added stress kicks in will help you be prepared and keep your stress at a manageable level. Take time these next few weeks to focus on your needs. Get yourself into a regular routine of stretching and exercise and think about the easiest way for you to plan and prepare meals. Try to make these things a habit now, so when things do get a little hectic, your won't have to think about doing them.  Adding massage to your routine can also help in stress management. Massage has been proven to help lower stress levels by increasing endorphins,  as well as keep those tight muscles from causing other undesirable side affects such as headaches,  a stiff neck, or limited range of motion in your shoulders. Know what keeps your stress levels down can make all the difference in your health and life in general. Be proactive this year, make your wellness a priority so your other priorities do not get left behind! 

Call today to schedule your next massage! 919.322.8382 ! 

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Oak City Massage Therapy

Thank You!


I would just like to take the time to say Thank You to everyone for all of their well wishes and congratulations! 

For those of you who do not know, this past week my office was closed so I could head up to Ohio and get married! I am now Mrs. McIntyre!! :)

The wedding was everything we could have hoped for. We were in the beautiful setting of Lakeside, Ohio. The events of the day started bright and early at 6:10AM just minutes before sunrise to get photos as the sun rose above the horizon. The sun was very cooperative and gave us plenty to work with!  After this we headed to a scenic spot on the lake front for our ceremony. The whole thing went down without a hitch and we were Mr. and Mrs. before we knew it! 

It would not have been as relaxed if I did not have such wonderful and understanding clients. I appreciate all of you. It is nice to know that you were all excited for us and willing to wait a week for your massages. I'm sure you were all keeping up with your suggested stretches and exercises so you didn't need a massage that badly anyways!! :) 

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon, Thanks again for being so awesome!! 

Four Causes and Solutions to Low Back Pain

One of the most common complaints I hear about in my office is low back pain. Though a lot of my clients suffer from this, there can be a variety of causes. Today we are going to discuss a few of the causes I see most often (outside of structural differences, specific injury, and disc degeneration) and some solutions for them. **Please note that if you are not sure if you are injured it is important to see a Doctor before trying massage or a new exercise, so that the problem is not made worse**

  1. Tight quads and hip flexors.

Sitting at a desk all day is a huge contributor to low back pain. The hip flexors and quads are flexed all day, making it difficult for them to fully relax when standing. This puts a forward tilt on the pelvis. The quads and hip flexors pulling the hips forward would cause the torso to lean forward, and the righting reflex is to arch the back so the upper body is upright. Arching the spine like that puts a lot of stress on the muscles and pressure on the lower vertebrae which leads to lower back pain.

What can we do about this?

Take breaks from sitting during the day. Some of my clients attempt to drink extra water during the day which causes them to get up and use the restroom more often. Another great thing to start adding to your daily routine is stretching the quads and hip flexors at least twice a day, more if possible. The hip flexors get extremely hypertonic after years of sitting and driving, getting orthopedic massage specifically focused on the hips may be necessary to help undo the tight muscles in this area. No need to cringe at the thought of psoas/iliacus massage. At Oak City Massage, we are trained to slowly work into these muscles, in fact our goal is that you would not experience any pain during this treatment, as that will increase the effectiveness tenfold.

    2. Inefficient Glute Muscles

Another side effect of sitting all day is that your glute muscles stop working properly, they forget what to do. When this happens the next muscle in line,  the low back starts to work overtime. This obviously leads to overworked muscles in the low back, which leads to pain.

What can we do about this?

It’s not that the glutes are weakened, they have just stopped working, or gone to sleep. We simply need to wake them up. Before going walking or exercising after work, do a few squats, lunges or resistance band side steps. These exercises can activate the glutes so they actually do their job when they are supposed to. Getting a medical massage can help with this as well. Your therapist can test your glutes and see if they are truly the problem, there are techniques to activate the glutes during the massage as well.

    3. Leg Crossing

When the legs are crossed, the length of the muscles change. Sitting cross legged for long periods at a time causes one side to become chronically tight, while the other side is chronically overstretched. This type of unbalance can cause a lot of problems. When the low back is unbalanced, it can cause the hips to be cockeyed. This will change the gait pattern and cause a ripple effect all the way to the neck and down to the feet. It will also put unnecessary stress on the hip joints and knees.

What can we do about this?

First of all stop crossing your legs! Sitting with your legs straight out infront of you is ideal, you may also need a lift/stool under your feet if the chair you use is too tall to have your feet flat on the floor.  Getting a massage can be very helpful in this situation. In orthopedic massage, your therapist will do a postural analysis as well as feel which side is shorter and which side has been overstretched. This is important because it will determine the work that will be done. If the two sides have different issues, you should not treat them the same.

    4. Weak Core

The last big cause of low back pain we’ll go over today is a weak core. Almost all of my clients have heard that this can help their low back pain. The core includes your abdominals, obliques, lower back and goes as far down as the glutes  and as high up as the mid back. These muscles hold the body upright and keep you stable while moving. If any of these muscles is weak, it causes the other muscles to overwork to the point of pain.

What can we do about this?

Strengthening the abdominals is generally the first thing people try to do. This is great, but it is also important to do core exercises that include all of the muscles, planks and bridges are two great examples. I would recommend Pilates to anyone that is trying to strengthen their core to help with low back pain, whether from a youtube channel, at home DVD or a class at a gym I have found these classes to be extremely safe and core strength based. However, it is always important to discuss this with your doctor if the pain in your low back is severe. If any exercise causes an increase in pain or doesn’t feel right, stop it immediately and try a modification or skip it all together. Getting a massage will not strengthen your core, though it will help alleviate some of the soreness from the new exercises you may try. Massage can also help by loosening the muscles that have been tight and overworked.

If you are experiencing low back pain, and feel it is caused by one of these issues, call us today to schedule your appointment! New Clients receive %20 off their first hour! 919.322.8382


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Medical Massage and Shoulder Pain

As the warm spring weather has opened opportunities for more outdoor activities, the shoulder pain that wasn’t a big deal in the winter may start to pose some serious issues.  If you have had a general relaxation massage in the past and it didn’t help your shoulder pain, perhaps now is the time to try medical massage. Though a relaxation massage has many benefits to your general health and wellness for shoulder pain it will likely require something a bit more specific.

  The shoulder is a very complex joint because it can move in so many different directions. Some movements can feel completely fine, but as soon as you move a little bit in the wrong direction you feel intense pain. Of course massage therapy does not replace a visit to your medical doctor, and it is recommended that you see your doctor first to be sure there is nothing more serious going on such as a complete tear, broken bone etc.  If your doctor feels surgery is not the answer, along with physical therapy, massage therapy can be your next stop.  Medical massage can help with frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, limited range of motion and many other shoulder problems.

       With medical massage we spend time asking questions about how the injury came about, what causes pain, and what makes it feel better. It is important to consider working conditions, activities outside of work, as well as older injuries in the area as well as surrounding areas of the body. Past injuries and regular overuse can cause the body to create compensation patterns, which can lead to injury or make existing injuries worse.

         In most cases, the cause of pain is due to an imbalance. It is our goal to find this imbalance and correct it. In a typical session, we will begin by loosening all the muscles around the joint with a specific order in mind depending on the intake. Working on all of the muscles in the area is crucial because sometimes where the pain is, is not where the cause is. By only treating the pain, you are less likely to get long lasting results as the cause will still  be at work. As different muscles get loosened it is common to find that the pain will move around making it even less effective to focus only on the pain. As we release chronically tight muscles and activate underutilized muscles the joint begins to loosen up and client guards come down as balance is restored. This allows us to use different muscle testing and movements, so we can discover what exactly is going on whether it is a muscle strain, an issue with the joint capsule or both. Once we figure out the cause and correct it, we can suggest exercises specifically for the imbalances we found during the session. We can also look at daily habits that may be causing the imbalance and work to change those. It may also be beneficial for the client to follow up with a physical therapist for a more in depth rehabilitation program.  

     If you are becoming more active with the warmer weather and are noticing some limiting pain in your shoulder, don’t let it hold you back! Medical massage can get you back into the activities you enjoy.

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