How Often Should You Get A Massage?

       One of the most common questions my clients ask me is how often they should get massage. Though this is an important question, it is the most difficult for me to answer. Every person is different and has different lifestyles so this can vary.

    Though this is a decision for the client to make, there are a few things to consider that may help you find your personal answer to this question.  A very important factor to consider is how long the benefits of your massage are lasting. One of the best things about massage is that it gives you an awareness of your body. It brings to attention areas you didn’t realize were in pain, or tight. When you can figure out which areas are actually tight or in need of loosening you can be more proactive about the stretching and home care you are doing. This will help extend the benefits of massage and perhaps extend the length of time between treatments.  Another thing to consider is what you are doing between massages.  Different activities, longer hours at work etc. can all affect how quickly your muscles will tense up or start to feel overworked. If you know you will have a couple of busy weeks, it may be good to schedule your next massage a little sooner.  How stressed you are mentally and how you are managing this stress can also change the length of time between massages. Some stress can be handled easily, being reduced simply by exercise and a good night’s sleep. However other types of stress can be stored in the muscles causing a lot of tension and pain. When this starts to build up, it may be that you need your massage a little sooner.

    When a client is coming in for a specific injury, I would be more likely to suggest a specific time for them to come back in, sometimes injuries take more sessions at shorter lengths of time. For example, if someone had  a minor muscle strain or tear, we might set up 2 appointments per week for 30 minutes each. These sessions would focus specifically on the injured area only so it would not likely take more than a few to resolve the issue. Though in these cases I would recommend how often the client should come in, I would still let the client help with the decision. How serious they will be with home care, and how soon they want to be recovered will also be factors in this decision.

      I can’t stress enough how important it is for clients to know their own bodies. Everyone is different, they deal with stress in their own ways mentally and physically. This makes it almost impossible for me to suggest a “one size fits all” for how often to get massage. Some feel the benefits of massage can last them 4-6 weeks, whereas some feel the need for massage after just 2 weeks. You may feel you’ve got the length of time between massages just right and something will come up that makes the length too long or too short. So when deciding when to schedule your next massage,  it is crucial to listen to and know your body.

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