Re-calibrating Your Schedule For Autumn

As the summer is coming to an end in these next few weeks, it is time to start thinking about your new schedule and how to manage new responsibilities for yourself and possibly for your spouse and children as well. While this can be a fun and excited time, it can also add a lot of stress.  

Think about what you can realistically handle and make sure you don't over commit yourself and your family this school year. Taking on too much keeps us busy and can take away from the important things in our lives. Being busy also adds extra stress which can effect our bodies in negative ways. Many people hold their stress in their muscles. Most often I see a correlation of stress and tension in the neck and shoulders. Stress can also negatively effect our mood, sleeping patterns, and consequently our energy levels. This leads to a never ending cycle, of not enough energy to get things done efficiently, and more stress because of it.

Taking steps before the added stress kicks in will help you be prepared and keep your stress at a manageable level. Take time these next few weeks to focus on your needs. Get yourself into a regular routine of stretching and exercise and think about the easiest way for you to plan and prepare meals. Try to make these things a habit now, so when things do get a little hectic, your won't have to think about doing them.  Adding massage to your routine can also help in stress management. Massage has been proven to help lower stress levels by increasing endorphins,  as well as keep those tight muscles from causing other undesirable side affects such as headaches,  a stiff neck, or limited range of motion in your shoulders. Know what keeps your stress levels down can make all the difference in your health and life in general. Be proactive this year, make your wellness a priority so your other priorities do not get left behind! 

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