Couple's Therapy

Just a reminder! This weekend, (2/18/17) will be the last weekend to sign up for your Couple's Massage class.  We have heard many clients talk about how they wish their partner knew a little more about massage. Either the pressure is too deep or too light, or they are rushing everything and done within 5 minutes because their hands hurt. This class will focus on these specific issues and how to correct them. So come ready with questions, and thoughts about what you want to learn, or what you enjoy about massage. 

The class includes 30+ minutes of massage for each person (with focus on the back and your choice of scalp, feet, or hands) , with specific instructions depending on each persons preferences. We will also go over specific do's and don'ts that we hear clients talk about when discussing their experience with massage from their partner. Also receive a free gift of massage oil and essential oils with your class! The total cost of the class is $120 per couple and you can plan to spend about 90 minutes total at the office.  Call today to schedule your appointment! 919.322.8382 !