What to expect at your first massage

Massage can be helpful for so many things including muscle pain, headaches, anxiety, trouble sleeping, sport training, pregnancy aches/pains, as well as many more! So why do people opt for medication and expensive treatments before trying massage? I think one of the big reasons is they are unsure of what to expect when they get a massage.  I  think knowing what to expect at a massage will give some folks a peace of mind and help them to be more open to this treatment option. So, today we are going to discuss just exactly what to expect at your first massage. 

At Oak City Massage Therapy, we do our best to be as professional as possible. Our main goal is that you feel you are getting the best treatment possible and leave feeling better than when you came in. Knowing exactly what to expect when you come in will only give you a better experience at our office.

The first thing that will happen when you come into the office is you will be greeted and given a health history form. This form gives the therapist information that may pertain to your injury whether it is the cause, making it worse or not effecting it at all.  It is helpful to look at past injuries and surgeries and deduce whether they may be playing a part in your current situation.  It is also important for your therapist to know of any known allergies as well as medications you are taking as these may affect the treatment.  Next, your therapist will discuss your form with you as well as what you are specifically hoping to accomplish during your session.  This is very important as it will shape the entire session. We will use techniques that will best suit each complaint. While we do our best to listen to our clients, we will also explain why some things we do may seem pointless, but will address the probable cause of the pain rather than only the symptom.  After going through the treatment with you, we will then step out of the room for you to undress to your comfort level. To your comfort level means if you would rather leave your clothes on, that is completely fine. If you do prefer leaving your clothes on we may suggest wearing comfortable shorts and t-shirt/tank top for your treatment. You will then get onto the massage table underneath a sheet and blanket. You will be completely covered during the entire session, we will only uncover each area as it is being worked on. During the session, your therapist will check in with you to confirm the pressure with you. It is extremely important for you to let your therapist know if something is painful, you are getting a massage to reduce pain not add to it. It is also important for you to let your therapist know if you feel like you need more pressure in an area. At the conclusion of your massage, your therapist will let you know that the session has ended and you may take your time to get up and dressed and meet them out front. At this point your therapist may offer some suggestions based on what they found during the massage, whether that is some stretching that may be helpful or setting up a return visit to continue working on an especially difficult area. 

It is important to note that one massage is not going to be a cure all.  Chronic pain, which is usually a result of everyday stress on your body takes time and a change of habit to truly feel better. Though massage will give a temporary relief, if you continue in habits which cause the pain in the first place it will certainly return. In some cases massage is not the answer and your therapist will do their best to refer you out the best practitioner for your complaints. 

We hope this helps and look forward to working with you soon!! To schedule your appointment email or call 919.322.8382