Bamboo Massage

Looking for a way to escape the cold, and loosen those muscles that have been overworked by  shoveling ice? Try a bamboo massage at Oak City Massage Therapy! Here are a few things that make bamboo massage stand out and why it is a good option for all clients.

 In bamboo massage, we use warm bamboo ratan tools. These tools are very firm and come in varying sizes. The bamboo is used similarly to hot stones, the therapist holds the bamboo and uses it to massage the muscles instead of their hands. The therapist can use the leverage from the bamboo tools to offer a much deeper pressure than with hot stones, or their hands/elbows. Bamboo massage originated in south Asia. Though it is unclear who originally started using bamboo for massage, many therapists across the world have adopted this technique.

Bamboo massage is beneficial for many reasons we are going to discuss just a few of them.  The heat from the tools starts to relax your entire body, it will also help to loosen each muscle individually. Once the heat has loosened the body and muscles, the therapist can take full advantage of the leverage from the bamboo. The therapist can use deep pressure now that the muscles are in a more relaxed state, this allows the deep pressure to be comfortable and much more effective. With increased mental relaxation from the heat, and physically with the deep tissue massage, the client can get so much more out of their massage. Most people coming in to get a deep tissue massage are preparing for pain and discomfort, with a no pain no gain attitude. In this treatment,  you get all the benefits of a deep tissue massage without the pain.  

Bamboo massage sounds nice, but why is it the best option for you? It is a deep tissue massage with the added relaxation similar to a Swedish massage. If you are looking for a deep massage that won’t cause more pain then you were already in, this is the treatment for you. Similarly, if you are more interested in the relaxation you get from massage, but don’t always feel it was worth it, bamboo massage is the answer!

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