A More Comfortable Massage


 One of the best things I have added to my practice is the Body Support Systems Cushions.  This is a system of support pillows that allows for a more comfortable massage. The cushions have specific support sections that focus on bony prominences and better spine and joint positioning.

 The body cushion system is for anyone that experiences discomfort while laying face down (prone)  or face up (supine). I have had more than one client get up from the table, in seemingly more pain than they began with especially in the low back, due to the discomfort of lying prone. This is certainly upsetting for any client receiving massage, but it was also very frustrating for me. The body cushions position the client so their vertebrae can open up while prone and it takes all of the pressure off of the spine. There is also more support for the hip bones and clavicles. For women that have discomfort lying face down due to their chest, the cushions have a design that allows more support in this area. The cushions are also perfect for clients that simply cannot lay supine or prone and prefer a side lying massage. This is most popular for pregnant clients, though a side lying massage can be great for anyone. The cushions support your torso and your head so your shoulder is comfortable and not being directly laid on.

        Using the body cushions is great because they can lead to a more relaxing experience allowing the client to truly get comfortable on the table instead of ‘ suffering’ through. They can also open up possibilities for those that wouldn't consider massage because they experience such discomfort with the different positioning  Your muscles still greatly benefit from massage even more if you can truly be comfortable. Most pregnant clients look at the cushions like I must be crazy but, after trying it they can't believe how comfortable it is. Being able to complete the entire massage from side lying involves much less turning which can be extremely taxing on a woman in her 3rd trimester.

        The cushions have support directly under bony prominences, a space for easy breathing as well as cut outs for a larger chest. The cushions allow for a slight bend at the hips which opens up the lower vertebrae. They also have separate leg supports allowing one leg to be stretched and moved around while the other is still comfortably supported. If you are delaying your massage until you give birth, or have completely written it off due to discomfort while lying down, these cushions could be your solution!

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