Valentine's Day <3

     With parties for the super bowl, celebrating the Chinese New Year and keeping up with your new exercise regimen, it might come as a shock that Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Try something special this year and get your sweet heart the gift of massage. There is still plenty of time to make your valentine’s and buy candy, though so soon after the super bowl and with new year's resolutions still in play, candy may not be the number one on your special someone’s list. With the big push these days to get healthy, and save money the usual candy and jewelry may not make the most sense this year. Why not try a gift that won’t break the bank, and has great health benefits? An hour massage can help to loosen tight muscles, decrease muscle soreness, and reduce mental stress. With a variety of modalities to chose from including prenatal, sports massage, deep tissue massage and swedish massage, there is no worry about if it’s going to be the right type of massage.  

      If your loved one is trying to cut back on sweets, or is not that into jewelry these days, get them a massage. With a special of $64 for a one hour massage, it is a low costing, healthy alternative.

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